At McCullagh Engineering we offer paving solutions such as Soil Stabilisation.

Soil stabilisation

is a procedure wherein the engineering properties of the soil are altered and enhanced to increase its suitability for construction purposes.

This process combines soil, cement and water to produce a hard, durable paving material that can be used for the foundation of road & pavements.


Stabilising soils with binders is an eco-friendly and cost effective method of producing durable structural layers that produce a high bearing capacity.

Traditionally where unsuitable waste soils were destined for landfill, they can be stabilised to create high strength foundations for applications such as buildings, roads and car parks, container terminals, railway embankments and airport pavements.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Organisations are under pressure to reduce their energy consumption. They also face financial penalties for failing to meet regulatory targets on emissions. Many businesses are taking the lead through environmental initiatives like PAS 2080 to both manage and reduce carbon emissions. Cutting carbon is synonymous with cutting costs.

The process of modification and stabilisation dramatically diminish road haulage by reducing waste disposal off site and the importation of non- renewable natural resources such as quarried aggregates.

The amount of imported sub-base can be substantially reduced with the addition of OPC and GGBS.

Trusted Partners

As renowned specialists in soil stabilisation and modification for many years, we instantly know how best to handle the soil on your site to improve it’s performance whilst bringing these cost benefits to the project.